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Dog & Whistle


We are proud to announce a new permanent home for David’s work, the Dog & Whistle Emporium in Hertford.

There are currently on display and available to purchase, some (Limited Edition), framed Film Collection pieces.

We will soon be also offering other collections and works there also, so why not pop down there for a coffee and some pick up some artwork :)

DK @ Hertford Gallery NOW ON :-)

hertford exhibit

We are pleased to announce that the ‘Film Collection’ exhibit is now up and open to the public @ the Hertford Gallery :-)

We spent most of yesterday polishing, buffing and aligning the work and are pleased to say the prints look amazing in situ. (more pics here)

There was an immediate buzz about the designs, with everyone playing “guess the film’!

Make sure to get down there if you can…

All the info here

Directions to the gallery here

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Church of Awesome!…

flick filosopher

Made it to the ‘church of awesome’ on the Flick Filoshpher’s website

Now that is cool :-)

Home Collection Coming soon…


We are really excited about revealing the new Home Collection very soon.

It is full of lovely images that will be perfect for hanging in all around the house.

Watch this space for developments and take a sneak peek here :-)

Film Collection to be exhibited @ Hertford Theatre Gallery…

hertford gallery

We are really excited to announce that David will be exhibiting his Film Collection at the beautiful space that is Hertford Theatre Gallery.

All 25 designs will be on display here so if you have not made your mind up yet on your favourite, come down for a closer look…

The exhibition runs from the March 6th until April 1st and as a gallery exclusive prints can be ordered framed.

All the info here

Directions to the gallery here


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Welcome to the news hub of DK Designs :-)

We are going to be posting all sorts of info about David’s existing and new works + related news. We will also be adding any special offers here also, so make sure you bookmark this page and sign up for the newsletter →